The advantages to being in the Chat Room are simple:

  • Primary focus on selling options via Covered Calls, Cash Secured Puts, Vertical Spreads, Iron Condors, etc
  • This is NOT a signals group. Although Ashton does post his trades, this group is designed for learning consistent, sustainable trading strategies
  • If you want a signals group and are looking to cut corners, this is NOT the place to be.
  • Other things you will get access to:
    • Access to Ashton’s Trade Tracking spreadsheet
    • Access to Ashton’s ThinkorSwim trading setup
    • Real-time updates on trades (buying, selling, adding, scaling out). This way, members get a real-time peek as to be how I handle my trades
    • Chart analysis on all of Ashton’s moves, explaining the why, how, when, and what behind all moves
    • Access to over 60 FREE trading and investing eBooks!!
    • Detailed feedback on any and all tickers that members ask about


Monthly Chatroom

(WITH Lessons)
$ 39 Monthly
  • Monthly membership auto-renews monthly
  • Access to all current and future trading lessons
  • Access to Ashton's detailed Trade Log
  • Access to daily live pre-market analyses